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How does the ELD mandate impact the fox trotting horse industry?

Many in the equine industry are asking how they will be impacted by the enforcement of the newest set of ELD guidelines. If you haul horses long distances and profit from your equine interests then it could likely affect you. Here's is some information that could be helpful to you. (Excerpts compiled from florodeo.com and [...]

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Region 4 Fall Festival Highlights the State Horse of Missouri

The second Region 4 Fall Festival was held recently at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Missouri. Exhibitors from Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas attended the event which included Open Gaited Breed Model and Versatility Classes along with Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Performance classes. One dollar from each entry fee will be donated to Make-A-Wish Missouri. [...]

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Celebration Time!

The MFTHBA Show and Celebration kicks off Sunday, September 3rd at the National Showgrounds in Ava, Missouri. Affectionately called "The Celebration" by the tried and true attendees that make their way to the Ozark Hills each Fall to watch the best-of-the-best foxtrotting horses compete for prizes and accolades. The Celebration is a lot like a [...]

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Celebrating the MFTHBA Celebration

We are a lucky group to have an association that puts on The Celebration. I love the spirit behind it. We celebrate our amazing breed of horse, the hard work and dedication that has made the breed so versatile and beautiful, we celebrate our friendships, our personal horses - the list goes on and on. [...]

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Three Gait Tips for New MFT Owners

My husband James and I raise gaited horses in Quarter Horse country. Here in Central Texas you won't find a lot of access to horse folks who understand or can help with Fox Trot gait. When we first started, we were thrilled if we had a broken gait that wasn't a pace. Then we sought [...]

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Do you insure your equine partner? Equine Mortality Insurance Basics.

It seems like somebody I know always has a horse on the injured list. Do you have insurance on your equine partner? Have you thought about it? Some farm policies will offer “basic” coverage for your horse, but not comprehensive coverage.  We asked Carol Terry, avid Missouri Fox Trotting Horse breeder and agent with FCNB [...]

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2017 Mid America Grand Slam Wrap Up, Futurity and Maturity Champions Crowned

Mid America Fox Trotting Horse Association took advantage of their 3 day Summer Grand Slam to highlight the 50 years the organization has been serving the fox trotting exhibitor. Memories of past shows could be seen in the program and heard throughout the weekend in the stands and over the loud speaker. Newer additions to [...]

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Fifty Years of Mid America Fox Trotting

Any milestone anniversary should be celebrated. Fifty years of success, growth and dedication needs to be shouted about. Mid America Foxtrotting Horse Association will celebrate their 50th Anniversary during the annual show July 6 - 8th at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield, MO. “The show has taken different shapes over 50 years”, says President [...]

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Horse Show Highlight – Buffalo Saddle Club

The Buffalo Saddle Club Horse Show has been a show circuit staple for as long as most in Southern Missouri can remember and draws some of the most talented horse and rider combinations from the region. An amazing number of people can be attributed to it's longevity and success. Jan Alford mentioned that she can [...]

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