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Show and Celebration Two Year Old Incentive Fund Total nearing $15,000

You might have seen some buzz on Facebook about a campaign to energize the Two Year Old classes at the 2017 MFTHBA Show and Celebration. Trainer Brian Oglesby led that charge, with the help of many of the trainers and amateur exhibitors that we have all come to recognize. When asked about the project Oglesby [...]

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2017 MFTHBA Futurity Wrap Up, Vance Vahle takes Open Championship

The 2017 MFTHBA Three Year Old Futurity and Spring Show has come and gone. The 4-day event held at the MFTHBA showgrounds in Ava, MO showcased some of the finest up-and-coming and seasoned performance horses in the breed. 2017 Open Champion, Oh Yeah and Vance Vahle Exhibitors also had the opportunity to participate [...]

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What do you know about the Three Year Old Futurity?

It’s hard to keep up with all the horse show happenings in a year. Over almost 40 years it’s almost impossible. Here are a few tidbits about the Three Year Old Futurity that might interest you, as we get ready to watch the 2017 Championships unfold this week. List of 1980 Three Year Old [...]

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Five Tips for Buying your First Fox Trotter

I bought my first Fox Trotter in Tomball, Texas in 1995. Her name was Duchess, and she was some kind of fancy. My mom and I fell in love with her on the spot and loaded her up. She was a little more horse than we expected when we got her home, but Duchess ultimately [...]

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Stallion Tour Offers Something for Everyone

The MFT Stallion Tour: Bringing stallion owners, mare owners, and those who love the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse together. The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Stallion Tour is a unique marketing program that offers stallion owners two years of marketing exposure and helps mare owners from around the world locate the perfect stallion for their breeding [...]

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