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I'm Katherine Kirkpatrick Stone. My husband James and I began raising Fox Trotters in 2007 and have loved every minute. Together we launched Twin Star Farms, now located in Whitney, Texas, and this gaited horse breed has been a big part of our lives ever since. We like different styles of horse. James is 6'4 and is all about competition - style, animation, reach, rhythm and head shake. He has his judge's card and is working toward the perfect performance ride. I'm 5'4" and like to pleasure ride on a pretty, solidly conformed, and safe horse that I can emotionally connect with. We both like our horses to have “horse sense” and an easy-going, natural smooth way of traveling. You can imagine the discussions at our farm! But our different perspectives help us ultimately improve the quality of the Fox Trotters we raise. We hope you'll benefit from our Fox Trotter experience, and even join us on the journey. If you have questions, you can message our Facebook page at @TwinStarFarmsGaitedHorses.

Celebrating the MFTHBA Celebration

We are a lucky group to have an association that puts on The Celebration. I love the spirit behind it. We celebrate our amazing breed of horse, the hard work and dedication that has made the breed so versatile and beautiful, we celebrate our friendships, our personal horses - the list goes on and on. [...]

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Three Gait Tips for New MFT Owners

My husband James and I raise gaited horses in Quarter Horse country. Here in Central Texas you won't find a lot of access to horse folks who understand or can help with Fox Trot gait. When we first started, we were thrilled if we had a broken gait that wasn't a pace. Then we sought [...]

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Five Tips for Buying your First Fox Trotter

I bought my first Fox Trotter in Tomball, Texas in 1995. Her name was Duchess, and she was some kind of fancy. My mom and I fell in love with her on the spot and loaded her up. She was a little more horse than we expected when we got her home, but Duchess ultimately [...]

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