My name is Geno Middleton; my wife Barb and I own a horse farm in Pomona, MO, where I raise and train Missouri Fox Trotters

I currently train Missouri Fox Trotting horses professionally and have trained horses all of my life. I started training for the public when I was nine years old. I am a third generation horse trainer. My grandfather, Quentin Middleton started training in 1961 and trained successfully and professionally until he passed away in November of 2005. He won the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association Celebration (MFTHBA) World Grand Championship in 1976. He was a great horseman and a mentor for my father, Jerry Middleton, as well as for me. My family has been very fortunate, between the three of us (Quentin, Jerry and myself) we have won the MFTHBA Celebration Senior World Grand Championship 17 times. (Quentin Middleton 1 time, Jerry Middleton 8 times.)

I spent some time training cutting horses in the state of Oklahoma, but moved back to Missouri to continue my career with the Fox Trotter.

I have conducted numerous horse-training clinics in many different states.