Who are we? The short answer is we are aspiring horsemen and women who have come together. We share similar goals and ideals on what makes a great horse. We recognize that our combined knowledge, resources and talents strengthens and allows for greater individual ranches opportunities and options that we would not have alone.

We are individual owners of small horse ranches with similar goals.

We own the stallion or stallions in common. Currently we have two Danny Joe W sons.

We combine our marketing efforts.

We use our combined talents and abilities to better the group.

We have fun together as friends and colleagues.

It is our intent to help each other enjoy and succeed as breeders, and horsemen and women.

Our goals are to provide horses with excellent minds athletic ability and natural gait with consistent size, temperament, conformation and intelligence. And to provide individuals like ourselves with the excitement and joy of planning and raising the perfect foal.